How to travel with JUST a Carry-On [Top Tips & Guide]

Let’s face it: A well-packed carry one is one of a frequent traveler’s little pleasures. Everything is present in its own proper place, with neither too much nor too little inside the bag, suitcase or other conveyance. Best of all, (apart from security checks) no one else will handle, maul, misplace, or otherwise disturb your … Read more

Are Herschel Backpacks Good Quality?

are herschel backpacks good quality

Herschel Supply Co. is a Canadian company that supplies retro “hipster” backpacks with a unique style. Sold in over 10,000 stores globally, they have become a staple in the backpack industry and you’re bound to see some of their backpacks anywhere you go. As such a popular backpack brand, it’s no wonder that many people … Read more